Following an earlier post describing how and why I rebuilt my blog from scratch, I describe here the earlier results of performance using Botify to see the difference between the two versions.


I think the charts speak for themselves. After removing WP and installing my home made blog I got all my pages to respond in less than 500ms with the same server.

Performance change charts


Ok, I know I am not a designer and one of the reasons I had for installing WP is that I was able to download and install a theme for my blog in just a few minutes. And you see some beautiful examples and live demos but, I don't know why, they didn't seem so beautiful after installing them. Then I realized that the Themes were not adapted to my content, and modifying a Theme was a nightmare, most of the time the HTML was a mess, the PHP and/or the CSS was a mess too.

Now I have complete control over my pages. I decide what to display and where to display it. For example, in WP I installed disqus, but the plugin added the comments on EVERY SINGLE PAGE, even in the homepage, and even something simple like updating the Google Analytics snippet code was hard, because the plug-in that managed the snippet was not up to date I couldn't change it myself.

Lost Pages

Yes, during the migration I have lost a few pages. All the tags, categories, pagination, feeds, etc. And so maybe I was losing a few visits.

Distribution of urls

However in my case, all of this pages where actually useless. I discovered using Botify that none of those pages where actually generating visits to my site, and some of them where redirects or had problems with the canonicals. So now I only have the pages that I really want to index, the pages that have the "real" content. Besides, I can always implement some of those features later.

Active vs Non Active Disappeared Urls


It got easier to deploy. Since my website is quite small, I only have to git pull on my server, and clear the cache on the CDN. Since my posts are static files, I can work on them offline in my tablet and I'd still have the benefits of versioning my content.