Pablo Leano Martinet


I've been writing a few posts over the last years, some of them got lost while migrating this blog, and some of them are still in my head.


I don't have a big project, more like small tests, POCs and sometimes a few tools/sites that I create for friends and family.

About Me

Just a few links and badges to some of my online profiles.

Github Repositories All my code is here.

All the tests/projects I wrote, even the content of this blog, lives in github

My Stackoverflow. Wroking for free.

It's a small hobby I have, to read questions on StackOverflow and maybe answer them if I know the answer. It allows me to see how people is using the technologies and the problems the encounter.

Follow Me.

I'm not a frequent twitter guy. I do read a lot of tweets about programming, and I tweet or retweet everything I find interesting.